Saturday, April 16, 2011


"That was the worst thing I've ever seen.  Did you grow up in a forest?  Are you Nell?  From the movie Nell?" .

--Donna from Parks and Recreation


  1. What was wrong with Nell? >.>

    It had Liam Neeson, and also quotes enough to last comedians a lifetime :)

    (really, though -- I actually did like that movie... I was clearing out old boxes in the garage the other day that I still haven't unpacked from when I moved last, and lo and behold, there was the Nell movie poster I'd bought a long time ago :) )

  2. Hello! Yes, I too love Nell. I hardly ever catch Park & Rec, but I happened to see this, and it made me cackle out loud! I hadn't heard a good Nell reference in ages. :)

    Oh, it's fun to unpack old stuff! The last time I moved felt like Christmas, because I'd forgotten about lots of stuff I'd packed away.

  3. Yeah, most people wouldn't know Nell now anymore, sadly ;) I still remember a Nell/Buckwheat from Little Rascals mashup they had on Bob and Tom a few years ago. So funny. Don't get that show here anymore. I miss it.

  4. I remember something on the radio down south that was a Nell-marries-Forrest-Gump scenario. So awful--the guilt I had for laughing at that! :)


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