Thursday, March 24, 2011

Found Poetry and Self-Visualization Collage

I got these ideas from Kiley at We Were Going to Be Queens and A Portrait Project.  These are some found poetry pieces that I did by simply cutting up a bunch of magazines, and throwing stuff together without putting a ton of thought into it.

The same sort of idea done in images is a self-visualization collage done like so...

Kiley's cooler, better versions are here and here!


  1. Better versions... No. I love yours!

    I love your middle poem the most. It feels like permission to move on or another really positive affirmation.

    There are a lot of round shapes on your collage - the balloons, the apples, the grapes. I wonder what circles could mean symbolically... I also love the old typewriter right in the middle.

  2. Thanks, Kiley. Good point about the round stuff...I hadn't really noticed that. Hmmm...who knows?!


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