Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cherry Uncordial

I went with two friends to see roller derby last night, and it was the first time for all of us.  We're totally hooked and can't wait for the next bouts.  Yes, indeed, we are Johnny-come-latelys who went because we really enjoyed the movie Whip it! and I say a big hats off to those who already knew it was cool. 

You have to understand, I stopped caring about spectator sports when I no longer had to show up to games wielding my saxophone.  The day of the Super Bowl this year, I (a.) didn't know it was Super Bowl Sunday, and (b.) didn't know who was playing.  Right now, even, I'm vague on who won.  Maybe the Packers?  I don't know what a Packer is, and I don't know from where they hail.  All of this is to say, the fact that by the end of last night I understood some of what I was watching and cheered in the right bits is borderline miraculous. 

The title of this post is my favorite roller girl name of the night, and here are a few other great ones...

4 Leaf Cleaver
Ana Slays Ya
Cat A. Clysmic
Dora the Destroyer
Jane Ire
Slammy Faye
Zooey DeFatale

Our girls, the Naptown Roller Girls won both bouts.  Booyah.

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