Friday, March 25, 2011

Art Journals, Altered Books

I'm doing an art journal with a group that gets assignments via email every so often, and in the summer we'll get together and look at each others' books.  So far, there's been a pair of themes per email, and you can choose one or the other, both or do whatever else you wish. 

Out of the first pair I chose "technology," and threw a bunch of stuff together that to me represents steampunk (Somehow I manage to make things literary--If the theme was "sports" I'd probably do Quidditch).  I cheated a bit by using scrapbooking materials instead of being really artsy and making everything myself.  I dug around in a junk drawer to find anything that could be put together to resemble cogs and gears.  The idea with these journals is to do as much 3D stuff as possible, so some of these little bits and bobs lift up to reveal different things like the definition of steampunk, covers of books and posters of movies within the steampunk genre. 


This theme was "before and after" and I decided to show my process of "zombification" using pictures from a few Halloweens ago. 

I painted the pages with black acrylic paint and after it dried, i junked it up by rubbing it with sand paper.  I have one more picture to add to the bottom right that's a negative, and again you can pull up the pictures to see zombie movie posters and book covers (Night of the Living Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, etc.). 

I just realized that this picture is uncropped, and you can see my shoes.  :)

I'll post more from this book later.


  1. The photo itself with your shoes in it could be a work of art!

  2. Awesome costume there -- that is so cool :)
    What did you use for the tendons, etc holding the dangling eye, just out of curiosity? :)

  3. The eye was a bunk homemade concoction. I used beige duct tape folded over itself to form a patch and poked a whole through. The tendon is just red fabric ribbon pushed through and knotted to keep it in. The eye is a candy eye (eye candy--that just dawned on me...I'm slow!) in its little plastic case (yes, I ate it after I was done!). I taped the patch to my face using the same beige tape, then I decoupaged purple-ish tissue paper in bits all over the patch until all of the tape was covered, then even a bit on my skin. Ta da! Nothing compared to your movie quality make up work!!!


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