Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love, Sarcasmo

Sometimes if I’m flipping around TV and fall on the Jack Van Impe program on the religious channel, I’ll stay on it for a few minutes and laugh. Usually after about five minutes, I wince and change the channel. One night last year, I watched the whole half hour. It was too much--I was provoked to action. I sent them this email the next day.



A few things.

Last night (7 April 2010) on the Jack Van Impe program, Mr. Van Impe stated that a politician (I missed his name) has proclaimed that no one in the state of Indiana is allowed to pray publicly in the name of Jesus, but instead all are to pray to Allah only.

I live in Indiana, and I assure you this is not the case. I and others would have noticed. Our local news programs out of Indianapolis are weather-obsessed and tend to be a little American Idol heavy, but I’m positive that if the entire state suddenly was banned from praying in a traditional Christian format, the newscasters would have carved out some time to make us aware.

Also, I have noticed no change at my place of worship. Others I have polled state that they, too, are still using the J word in their church services. As far as I know, Hoosier Muslims are free to pray to Allah as per usual, but Catholics from Gary to Commiskey still invoke the names of God, Jesus and various saints without any governmental interference. While driving to lunch today, I noticed two Latter-day Saint missionaries walking along the road, and neither of them was carrying a rolled up Islamic prayer rug on his back. I can only assume this means that all is going along swimmingly at the local Mormon ward, and that they continue to pray in their customary way.

I hope this information will offer some relief. Mr. Van Impe seemed on the verge of breakdown when he was conveying this erroneous news. I encourage Jack and his wife Rexella to check their sources more thoroughly, and perhaps take with a grain of salt anything they are told by whomever brought them this startling news from Indiana. While I’m offering suggestions, here are a few more:

  • Please do not blame President Obama for events which occurred before his birth.
  • Please do not blame President Obama for events which have yet to occur.
  • Please do not blame President Obama for events which more than likely will never occur.

  With warmest regards from the Hoosier State,



Oddly, I never heard anything back. 


  1. This is brilliant! I can't believe you made through an entire Jack Van Impe show. WIsh they would have responded, but I think your letter was much too intelligently written... and appropriate... to give them any opening to be holier than thou. Nice job -- and funny, too!

    1. I smiled widely at your reaction, because I remember emailing the letter to my brother, and his was the same..."You made it through 30 minutes?!!" :) His name is Gary, and the mention of Gary, Indiana is a little nod to him. :)


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